Why we Need Ritual – video

In this video, Dr. Italy explains that ritual and liturgy are required by the very nature of human beings for whom symbols and gestures are indispensable forms of communication.

Many Christian believers since the 16th century Protestant Reformation have rejected rituals altogether as religion of the Pharisees, critiqued by Jesus.

Why the prophets and Jesus criticized empty ritualism, they never rejected ritual and symbolic action.  In fact some of the prophets, such as Hosea and Ezekiel, acted out their message through symbolic action.

This video explains that symbol and ritual, the stuff of which liturgy is made, are required by human nature.  God made us the way we are.  He communicates with us through actions as well as words and commands us to respond to him in the same way.

This video is the second session of Theology 552 of the Catholic Distance University course Liturgy and Sacraments.

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Banner/featured image by Andriy Tod on Unsplash. Public domain.

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