St. Peter Chrysologus

St. Peter Chrysologus was born about the year 380 at Imola in the region of Emilia, Italy. After serving as a deacon in Imola, Saint Peter became the bishop of Ravenna, Italy in 424. Little reliable information about St. Peter’s life survives, except that he successfully drove heresy and the remnants of Roman paganism from his diocese through pastoral care and very practical yet passionate preaching. Peter’s always brief sermons were so inspiring that he was given the title “Chrysologus” (Greek for “Golden-worded) and was eventually declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope Benedict XIII in 1729. St. Peter, a Father of the Church, died around the year 450, during the reign of Pope Leo the Great, just a year before the ecumenical council of Chalcedon which defined the relation of the human and divine natures in the one person of Jesus Christ, the redeemer. Biography by Dr. Italy