A New Look at the 40 Days of Lent – Video

In this video (23 minutes), Dr. Italy shares highlights of his book – 40 Days, 40 Ways – A new Look at Lent.  This is an abbreviated version, for global Catholic television, of a talk he frequently gives during Lenten Missions in the Lenten Season.

The vast majority of Catholics, even those who are not the most active, have some awareness that they should “give up something, for Lent.”

This 23 minute talk uncovers the deeper meaning of Lent as something much more than a somber time of self-examination preceding Easter.  Here Dr. Italy gives not only insight and inspiration, but many practical examples on how each of us can make this our best Lent ever.

For many Christians, Lent is all about fasting or “giving something up.”  This talk greatly widens the scope of what we can fast from during Lent, providing us from many new ideas of self-denial that may have more impact on our lives and provide more benefit that temporarily refraining from chocolate or beer.

In addition, the talk draws attention to the fact that fasting is only one pilar of the Lenten penitential triad – and that without the other two, prayer and almsgiving, fasting during Lent has diminished benefits.  Great examples are given for creative ways to practice new forms of prayer and mercy in a way that will keep you engaged and motivated throughout Lent and help you build spiritual muscle.

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Banner/featured image by Kamil Szumotalski on Unsplash. Public domain.

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