The Heritage of Pilgrimage – Podcast

Dr. Italy, in this 14 minute podcast, discusses the central and constant role pilgrimage has played in the heritage of pilgrim God’s people in the Holy Land since Abraham.

On this episode of the Sonrise Morning show, Dr. Italy shares about the way pilgrimage has been a central theme and serious obligation for Jews and Christians alike from Abraham through Jesus right down to the present time.  It has been an integral part of our heritage as disciples, members of the pilgrim people of God who are always on the move.

In the time of Moses, God’s pilgrim people followed the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night in their journey to the Promised Land.  In the gospels, people were called to be disciples who literally followed Jesus as pilgrims all over the Holy Land.  Since Pentecost, Christians have been called to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit who is likened to the wind, who blows where he wills and leads us on a pilgrimage adventure of faith that is always full of surprises.

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God seems very concerned to get across the idea that we are pilgrims and wayfarers, not settlers who get comfortable amidst the concerns and priorities of the present life.  Having had just returned from leading his 24th pilgrimage to the Holy Land before recording this podcast, Dr. Italy had fresh in his mind the poignant power of leaving the familiar behind to follow in the footsteps of the Savior.

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