Love, the Image & Likeness of God – Columbanus

  Moses wrote in the law: God made man in his image and likeness. Consider, I ask you, the dignity of these words. God is all-powerful. We cannot see or understand him, describe or assess him. Yet he fashioned man from clay and endowed him with...

keep your lamps burning lantern columbanus columban light flame awake fire
Keep your Lamps Burning – Columbanus

Columban. also known as Columbanus, here shows passionate fire of his Celtic monastic spirituality. Commenting on Luke 12:37-38 where Jesus praises those servants who stay awake, their lamps brightly burning in expectation of the master's return, Columban asks that his lamp would burn brighly...

fountain of life light living water columbanus
Fountain of Life, Light & Living Water – Columbanus

An intense tribute to God as the fountain of eternal life, light, and living water by the Irish monk Columbanus around the AD 600. [dropcaps type='normal' font_size='100' color='' background_color='' border_color='']B[/dropcaps]rethren, let us follow that vocation by which we are called from life to the fountain of...