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  • carmel
    Mount Carmel, Vineyard of God – Podcast

    In this podcast, an excerpt from a radio interview, Dr. Italy discusses Mount Carmel, Elijah, and why Mary is known by the title Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  In the Northwestern part of what is now the state of Israel is a long ridge......

  • san clemente basilica apse mosaic cross tree of life clement rome
    Clement and the Roman Basilica of San Clemente-Podcast

    Podcast discussing the amazing Roman basilica that goes all the way back to the new testament period, San Clemente, dedicated to Clement of Rome, third successor of Peter. Rome has a multitude of Churches.  When people think “basilica,” St. Peter’s comes to mind.  Some also......

  • Mary Magdalene Women Disciples Jesus Ministry Magdala july 22
    Mary Magdalene & the Women Disciples of Jesus – Podcast

    In this 14 minute podcast, Dr. Italy discusses with Anna Mitchell the various misconceptions people have about Mary Magdalene, and corrects them based on the gospels.  He also looks at the woman of Magdala in the wider context of Jesus' remarkable ministry to women, and especially the women disciples who Luke and John brings to our attention ...

  • Joachim Anna Ann Anne Role Grandparents Podcastsaints icon mother father family virgin mary july 26
    Joachim, Anne, and the Role of Grandparents – Podcast

    In this 14 minute podcast, the host of the SonRise Morning show interviews Dr. Italy on Sts. Joachim and Anne, whose feast is July 26, to find out what they can teach us about Jesus as well as the role of grandparents in passing on......

  • st. sts peter paul church rome martyrs apostles June 29 facebook
    Peter, Paul & the Church of Rome – Podcast

    A 14 minute podcast.   Sonrise Morning show host Anna Mitchell interviews Dr. Italy about the meaning of the Solemnity of Sts Peter & Paul on June 29 .  Why the martyrdom of these two pre-eminent apostles in Rome gave special status to the Roman Church which lasts till this day....

  • saint St. irenaeus of Lyons stained glass link to the apostles church father june 28 podcast
    Irenaeus, link to the Apostles – Podcast

    In this 14 minute podcast, Sonrise Morning Show Host Matt Swaim discusses with Dr. Italy why St. Irenaeus (feast day June 28) was such a pivotal figure in the history of Christianity, truly a link between the apostles and the Church today. Dr. Italy and......

  • saint st. thomas more integrity courage podcast June 22
    St. Thomas More, Courage & Integrity – Podcast

    In this 14 minute podcast, Matt Swaim of the Sonrise Morning Show interviews Dr. Italy about St. Thomas More and his relevance for us today, in the struggles we face to maintain our integrity with courage in an increasingly hostile secular society. In the Roman......

  • florence skyline michelangelo catholic culture santa croce maria novella
    Florence, Michelangelo & Catholic Culture – Podcast

    Podcast by Dr. Italy on Florence, the Renaissance city, and what the art of Michelangelo teaches us about Catholic Culture and life.  With images of sites and churches of Florence that he will visit on his upcoming Italy pilgrimage. Everyone visits Florence for its rich......

  • carceri hermitage st. francis assisi mount mt. subasio eremo
    The Carceri – St. Francis’ secret hermitage overlooking Assisi – Podcast

    Podcast on a trip up Mount Subasio to St. Francis’ secret hideaway, the Carceri heritage, perched high above Assisi.  By Dr. Italy, director of Crossroads Pilgrimage to Italy. In this 7 minute podcast, Dr. Italy tells why no visit to Assisi is complete without a......

  • fresco Saint Francis of Assisi giotto Christ speaks through San Damiano chapel cross crucifix chapels assisi medieval town franciscan catholic pilgrimage
    Portiuncula & San Damiano-Assisi Chapels Rebuilt by St Francis – Podcast

    7 minute podcast by Dr. Italy discussing San Damiano and the Portiuncula, the two chapels rebuilt by St. Francis that still stand in Assisi, his home town.  To be visited on his upcoming pilgrimage to Italy. Many of heard of St. Francis and some even......

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