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  • saint st. augustine hippo doctor grace original sin statue manichean pelagian heresy free will august 28 catholic theological tradition CDU video
    Augustine, Free Will and God’s Grace-Video

    In this video, Dr. Italy discusses Augustine's fight against both Manicheans and Pelagians defending free will on the one hand and the utter necessity of grace on the other in light of original sin....

  • divine revelation how why God revealed reveals himself
    Divine Revelation – How & Why? Video

    Video in which Marcellino D’Ambrosio, Ph.D. discusses the how and why of Divine Revelation – God’s purpose for revealing himself and the way he goes about it. God enters into human history and reveals himself for a purpose – and it not exclusively or even......

  • bible open on table authority early church irenaeus origen fathers cdu video
    Authority in the Early Church – Irenaeus to Origen – Video

    In this 30 minute video, Dr. Italy explains the paramount issue that Christians had to resolve in the second century, the issue of authority — scripture, tradition and what is now called magisterium.   He shows how the heresy of Marcion and the Gnostics helped such......

  • first letter Clement of Rome Apostolic Succession Unity CDU
    Clement of Rome – Apostolic Succession & Unity

    In this 4th video #4, Dr. Italy explains what the First Letter of Clement of Rome reveals about Christian life and thought in the last years of the first century, especially regarding church order, apostolic succession, and Christian unity....

  • history matters catholic theological tradition CDU doctrine Dr Italy
    Catholic Theological Tradition – Why History Matters

    Dr. Italy in this video makes clear why the history of theology matters, why we should bother to expend time and effort studying the past.  The first video from his course the Catholic Theological Tradition.  Henry Ford said “history is bunk.”  Technological advancement for......

  • saint st. Justin martyr contribution video apologist Rome
    The Contribution of Justin Martyr – Video

    In this 35 minute video, Marcellino D’Ambrosio, Ph.D. (Dr. Italy) explains the importance of Justin Martyr, a second century philosopher turned apologist, on the development of Christian Thought. The first pagan intellectual to embrace the Christian faith and use some of the conceptual background of......

  • ignatius martyr video apostolic father martyr October 17
    Ignatius of Antioch – Martyr & Apostolic Father – Video

    In this video, Dr. Italy discusses the importance of Ignatius, 2nd successor to Peter, Paul, and Barnabas in the city of Antioch.  The precious 7 letters that survive from this father of the church are a precious testimony to the apostolic tradition. Ignatius of Antioch......

  • Easter New Creation Beginning light darkness
    Easter – New Beginning, New Creation – Video

    One of the great themes of Easter has always been New Creation - the death of our old selves which we leave buried in the tomb and a new beginning powered by the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is undeniable that the darkness of this world is profound and the lengthening shadows can often lead to despair. But the light of the risen Christ has come and the darkness can never overcome it....

  • Saint joseph humility meekness
    Saint Joseph, Humility & Meekness – Video

    This talk on SAINT JOSEPH, HUMILITY AND MEEKNESS is 3rd in a series of presentations given by Dr. Italy for the special Year of St. Joseph. Jesus combined tremendous strength with great humility and gentleness. In his human nature, he learned this from his father.......

  • Joseph model of faith
    Joseph, Model of Faith – Video

    Second in a series of three videos for the Year of St. Jospeh by Dr. Italy.  This talk highlights Joseph as a model of faith. Mary’s famous fiat remains a quintessential expression of what faith is all about. This is an important theme in Luke’s......

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