last supper corpus christi holy thursday eucharist as body of christ transubstantiation transformation eat flesh drink blood John 6 jueves santo transustanciación cuerpo y sangre de cristo Transubstanciación Eucaristía corpus christi facebook
Corpus Christi – Eucharist, The Body of Christ

Holy or Maunday Thursday, the night of the Last Supper aka the Lord's Supper, the institution of the Holy Eucharist -- What did he mean when he said "This is my body and this is my blood" and "Do this in Memory of Me"? ...

fancy table set hospitality let them in hospitality as key to the new evangelization
The Role of Hospitality in Evangelization – Podcast

In this third and final episode of Ascension Rountable's Podcast Series on the New Evangelization, Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio (aka Dr. Italy) provides further practical suggestions on a key feature of successful evangelization - hospitality....

corpus christi transubstantiation body of christ eucharist sacrament real presence old testament passover blood sacrifice meal covenant corpo di cristo transustanziazione eucarestia sacramento presenza reale
Body & Blood of Christ & the Old Testament

The Mass . . . the Eucharist . . . the Lord's Supper . . . the Blessed Sacrament . . . holy communion . . . transubstantiation -- what Catholics have believed and taught about this awesome reality, by whatever name it is called,...

doctors catholic church list definition doctor
Doctors of the Catholic Church – Complete List

Have you ever wondered what is meant by "a doctor of the Church"? Here is a definition and a complete list of all 36 of the men & women proclaimed Doctors of the Catholic Church up to 2017 with links to biographies and excerpts...

trinity sunday doctrine dogma triune one God three persons dignity trinita domenica dottrina dogma trino uno Dio tre persone dignita
Trinity Sunday – Is it Relevant?

Trinity Sunday celebrates the Church's faith in the triune God, one God in three persons. This doctrine has baffled people for 2,000 years. Given that it is so hard to accept, why bother with it? What difference does the trinitarian dogma really make to how...

seven 7 gifts and pentecostal charisms of the Holy Spirit pentecost siete dones del espiritu santo pentecostés
Pentecost – Gifts & Charisms of The Holy Spirit

Without Pentecost, the Gospel is not truly Good News. For the Pentecostal gifts and charisms given by the Holy Spirit on this birthday celebration of the Church are essential to its mission and crucial for a joyful, victorious Christian life....

Magisterium teaching authority catholic church word of God
Magisterium Part 1: What is it & Why Do We Need it?

The first in a 4 part series on the Magisterium, or sacred teaching office, of the Catholic Church, explaining the relation between Church authority and biblical authority, and how written documents, even inspired writings of the BIble, require authentic, authoritative interpretation....

charisms spiritual gifts holy spirit pentecost second vatican council marriage celibacy
Holy Spirit & His Gifts – Pentecost & the Charisms

An explanation of the spiritual gifts and charisms of the Holy Spirit and how they relate to Pentecost and the sacraments. [dropcaps type='normal' font_size='100' color='' background_color='' border_color='']O[/dropcaps]ne of the achievements of Vatican II was a renewed appreciation of the Holy Spirit’s activity in all aspects of Christian...

pentecost holy spirit disciples painting
Pentecost Power – Podcast

In this 14 minute podcast, Anna Mitchell of the Sonrise Morning Show interviews Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio on Pentecost and the Power of the Holy Spirit. Without the Pentecost, the gospel is not really "Good News."  Many people actually experience Christianity as bad news.  The Ten Commandments...


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