Leo the great earthly heavenly treasure riches wealth treasures mercy justice compassion
Treasures of Justice – Leo the Great

Leo the Great here comments on the right use of earthly treasure to store up heavenly riches.  True wealth consists in the possession of God, the source of all delight.  We store it up through mercy and compassion. ...

sacrifice body cross augustine offered cross
Sacrifice & Sacrament, the Body of Christ – Augustine

Augustine reflects on the nature of a true sacrifice pleasing to God. Works of mercy and acts of compassion qualify, but the most perfect sacrifice is that of the Whole Body of Christ, head and members (Totus Christus), which is offered to God in every...

feast of triumph, victory, glory & exaltation of the Holy Cross St. Andrew of Crete September 14
Triumph & Exaltation of the Holy Cross – Andrew of Crete

St. Andrew of Crete (8th Century) proclaims the victory, glory, and triumph of Christ crucified forr the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on September 14, the day that the stolen relics of the true cross were returned to Jerusalem in the early...

Terrorism 9/11 September 11 the triumph victory exaltation of the holy cross of Jesus Christ theodoret of Cyr passion sufferings gall vinegar crown of thorns cross tree meaning
Meaning of Christ’s Sufferings – Theodoret of Cyr

This reading on the mean of Christ's sufferings Savior's passion reflects on the Lord's passion by means of several key bible passages including of the piercing of Christ's side in John 19. Theodoret interprets the blood and water flowing from that wound as signs of...

lamb of god slain wounds healed passion suffering theodoret of cyr tyranny slavery death good shepherd suffering servant song Isaiah 53
By His Wounds We are Healed – Theodoret of Cyr

By his wounds we are healed- this reading on the Savior's passion is taken from a treatise On the Incarnation of the Lord by Saint Theodoret of Cyr. It reflects on several key scripture passages, including the Song of the Suffering Servant found in...

contrite heart spirit david augustine sacrifice psalm 51
My Sacrifice is a Contrite Spirit – Augustine

Augustine discusses the true sacrifice of repentance God desires as he explores Psalm 51, David's expression of sorrow for sin. It is a contrite heart and a humble spirit over our own sin rather than indignation over the sins of others that pleases the...