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The Paschal Mystery & God’s Plan of Salvation – Vatican II

Here the Second Vatican Council's Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy lays out a synopsis of God's mysterious plan of salvation through the paschal mystery of Christ's passion, resurrection and ascension, celebrated in the liturgy & sacraments. [dropcaps type='normal' font_size='100' color='' background_color='' border_color='']I[/dropcaps]n his desire that all...

easter meaning feast resurrection risen christ raised death dead
Easter – The Meaning of the Feast

The meaning of Easter is more than springtime and dyed eggs. The significance of Easter is that not only sin but death has been conquered by the risen Christ who foretold his own resurrection from the dead before he gave his life for us on...

Via Dolorosa Tomb of Mary G candles chandeliers lights cave indoors inside via dolorosa good friday holy week land pilgrimage
Good Friday & the Via Dolorosa – Podcast

This 14 minute podcast features Anna Mitchell, host of the Sonrise Morning Show, interviewing Dr. Italy on what light his experience in the Holy Land can shed on the events of Good Friday on the Via Dolorosa and Calvary. On Good Friday, Christians remember the passion...

lamentation over dead christ death glory hope augustine holy week
His Death is our Hope & Glory – Augustine

Augustine here reflects on the hope and glory of the cross of Christ and the lesson in patience and love contained in the account of Jesus' suffering and death. By his death, Jesus performed the most wonderful exchange with us. Through us, he died;...

Good Friday cross jesus suffering passion victory
Good Friday – Victory of the Cross

Good Friday is the day of the Crucifixion, Passion, and Death of the Lord Jesus Christ. The cross was a terrorist weapon. In embracing it, was Jesus accepting defeat or pursuing a brilliant victory?...

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Good Friday, True Day of Atonement – Origen

Origen here shows how the Lord Jesus Christ is the true High Priest and sacrifice whose death occurs on Good Friday, the eternal Day of Atonement foreshadowed by the Yom Kippur of the Old Covenant. In this selection we also learn why the early...