moses christ red sea baptism john Chrysostom Lent mystagogia
Moses and Christ – John Chrysostom

Here John Chrysostom contrasts the Red Sea with baptism, Moses with Christ, showing us that while Old Testament realities point forward to the events of the New Covenant, they cannot begin to equal them. ...

seven 7 gifts and charisms of the Holy Spirit pentecost
Pentecost – Gifts & Charisms of The Holy Spirit

Without Pentecost, the Gospel is not truly Good News. For the Pentecostal gifts and charisms given by the Holy Spirit on this birthday celebration of the Church are essential to its mission and crucial for a joyful, victorious Christian life....

ambrose of milan power powerful waters of baptism fire holy spirit cross of Jesus Christ
Powerful Waters of Baptism – Ambrose

Addressed to those who have just received the sacrament of baptism, this sermon by St. Ambrose of Milan explains to them that that they've not simply been baptized in ordinary water, but in the sacred waters that transmit the invisible fire of the Holy Spirit....

ambrose of milan - preparation for baptism
Preparation for Baptism – Ambrose

Ambrose here provides a fascinating glimpse into the rites preceding baptism in 4th century Milan as well as into the adult catechesis (RCIA) of the early Church in which direct discussion of the sacraments, mystagogia, was given only after people had already received the sacraments...

jerome living waters springs deer longs baptism holy spirit psalm 42 trinity fountain
Three Springs of the Church – Jerome

Jerome shows that the living waters & springs for which the deer longs in Psalm 42, is in fact the Trinity. In so doing, he also provides an explanation of what Jesus meant by calling the apostles "fishers of men." ...

eucharist immortality pledge irenaeus resurrection
Eucharist as Pledge of Resurrection – Irenaeus

Written by St. Irenaeus about 185 AD, this excerpt makes clear the Church's realistic interpretation of the eucharist as the risen body of Christ which serves as the medicine of immortality, the pledge of our own future resurrection. The real presence of the body...