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  • Caravaggio Bede St. Matthew Tax Collector Feast September 21 apostle publican evangelist sinners banquet eyes of mercy
    Call of Matthew the Tax Collector – Bede

    St. Bede the Venerable on the call of Matthew, Tax Collector turned disciple, apostle & evangelist. Matthew, originally called Levi, was, as a publican, excommunicated from the life of the synagogue and shunned in Jewish society....

  • talk is cheap parable two sons actions deeds words word God's will 26th Sunday Ordinary A
    Talk is Cheap – Parable of the Two Sons

    The parable of the two Sons makes clear that saying yes to Jesus Christ is much more a matter of deeds and actions than words and promises. Talk is cheap but body language never lies....

  • robert bellarmine you will find rest for your souls yoke easy burden light happiness love matthew 11:30 september 17
    My Yoke is Easy, my Burden Light – Robert Bellarmine

    Robert Bellarmine, reflecting on Jesus' statement in Matthew 11:30 that "my yoke is easy, my burden light," explains it in terms of love of God and the joy and happiness that it produces, in this life, and eternally.  For September 17, his feast day....

  • Justice Leo great earthly heavenly treasure riches wealth treasures mercy compassion
    Treasures of Justice – Leo the Great

    Leo the Great here comments on the right use of earthly treasure to store up heavenly riches.  True wealth consists in the possession of God, the source of all delight.  We store it up through mercy and compassion. ...

  • generosity generous parable workers vineyard God 25th Sunday Ordinary A rights duties justice christ with the Good thief facebook
    Generosity of God – the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

    The parable of the workers in the vineyard is a shock to our sensibilities - some laborers work longer than others but at the end of the day, all get the same pay from their generous employer.  Jesus is teaching us something about justice and generosity and why the last are usually first in the Kingdom of Heaven....

  • bernard clairvaux our lady of sorrows september 15 heart pierced pierce cross lance sword simeon martyr suffering soul compassion died martyrdom
    Our Lady of Sorrows – Bernard of Clairvaux

    Bernard of Clairvaux on the martyrdom of the Virgin Mary at the foot of the cross – her heart is pierced by a sword as Simeon predicted. For the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows on September 15....

  • Augustine sermon 46 on pastors leaders leadership accountability christian christians pastors shepherds sheep flock
    Christian Leadership entails Rigorous Accountability – Augustine

    An excerpt from St. Augustine’s sermon 46 on the rigorous accountability required of pastors.  However, it is a moving reflection on the nature of Christian leadership that is also relevant for anyone entrusted with the care and development of others including Christian parents, teachers, and......

  • stained glass Christ Good Shepherd augustine sermon 47 psalm 100 sheep flock shepherds goats
    We Are God’s Flock – Augustine

    In this excerpt from his homily on Psalm 100 Augustine explains the line "we are his sheep, the flock he shepherds."...

  • mosaic Christ Good Shepherd Augustine Ezekiel Paul pastors shepherds who feed themselves flock sheep
    Shepherds Who Feed Themselves – Augustine

    Augustine, commenting on Ezekiel and St. Paul to call out pastors and shepherds who feed themselves instead of the flock....

  • terrorism terrorist 9/11 September 11 victory triumph exaltation of the holy cross twin towers
    Terrorism and the Victory of the Cross

    September 11th is the anniversary of one of most brutal acts of terrorism of all time. Three days later, on September 14, the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches celebrate the Feast of the Exaltation, and triumph of the cross of Jesus Christ. This reflection brings out the link between 9/11 and the victory of the cross and helps us understand why the cross, and instrument of torture in the hands of brutes, becomes a tree of life in the hands of the Savior....

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