St. Dorothesus of Gaza Abbot false spiritual peace patience
False Spiritual Peace – Dorotheus

Dorotheus, a sixth century abbot, here speaks here of a shallow sort of happiness and peace that disappears when hardship comes or offense is given. The true "peace that passes understanding" cannot easily be disturbed by adversity or robbed by those giving offense....

cost of discipleship detachment 13th Sunday Ordinary time A 3rd B kingdom family priorities Kingdom of God cross
Detachment – the Cost of Discipleship

There is a cost of discipleship -- Jesus sometimes calls us to leave behind professions, friends, even family. Does that mean that work and human relationships are at odds with growing in our relationship with God?...

diadochus of photice peace recollection serenity discernment soul holy spirit
Discernment and Peace of Soul – Diadochus

Diadochus of Photice, a bishop of the early church, explains the role of recollection and discernment in Christian life. To discern thoughts originating in God from those planted by the enemy, we must cultivate peace of soul and mind and dispose ourselves for the...

Emmaus eucharist eucharistic people Emmaus Popolo eucaristico
Emmaus Road – from Despair to Joy

Cleopas and his unnamed companion were dejected as they made their way along the road to Emmaus. Their encounter with a stranger who rebuilds their faith and gives them hope to recognize him in the breaking of the bread - this illustrates for us...

Palm passion Sunday victory of humility triumphal entry Jerusalem donkey palme passione domenica vittoria dell'umiltà entrata trionfale Gerusalemme asino
Palm Sunday – Victory of Humility

Palm Sunday in most Christian Churches involves the distribution of palms and a commemoration of Jesus's triumphal entry into Jerusalem amidst shouts of Hosanna. But what is the meaning of his decision to ride into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey? It has...

all saints day heaven november 1 holiness sanctity love saint todos los santos amor santidad
All Saints Day Means Holiness is for All

All Saints Day gives us the opportunity to honor and celebrate the multitudes of Christians who are in heaven yet who don't appear on the list of canonized saints or have a feast day in their honor. But it also provides us the chance...