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Duty to Evangelize – Francis Xavier

St. Francis Xavier, Patron Saint of Foreign Missions, was clearly one of the greatest missionaries and evangelists of all time. Though not all of us are called to foreign missions, the Second Vatican Council, Pope Paul VI, and Pope John Paul II remind us forcefully...

Robert Bellarmine 15 fifteen marks of the catholic church notes characteristics
Fifteen Marks of the Catholic Church – Robert Bellarmine

St. Robert Bellarmine here enumerates 15 marks or characteristics of the one, holy Catholic Church of Jesus Christ which expands upon the four notes of the Church as found in the Nicene Creed: unity, catholicity, holiness and its apostolic foundation.[dropcaps type='normal' font_size='100' color='' background_color='' border_color='']D[/dropcaps]...

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All Saints Day Means Holiness is for All

All Saints Day gives us the opportunity to honor and celebrate the multitudes of Christians who are in heaven yet who don't appear on the list of canonized saints or have a feast day in their honor. But it also provides us the chance...

cyril of jerusalem catholic church whole full fullness complete
Catholic Church – Cyril of Jerusalem

Cyril, speaking to new Christians in Jerusalem around AD 360, explains why the Church is called catholic. The word "catholic" comes from the Greek word meaning "whole," "entire," or "all." After explaining the meaning of catholic, Cyril goes on to explain the meaning...

ignatius martyr video apostolic father martyr October 17
Ignatius of Antioch – Martyr & Apostolic Father – Video

In this video, Dr. Italy discusses the importance of Ignatius, 2nd successor to Peter, Paul, and Barnabas in the city of Antioch.  The precious 7 letters that survive from this father of the church are a precious testimony to the apostolic tradition. Ignatius of Antioch There are...