07/29 Martha

st. martha mary July 29 augustine hospitality
Martha and Mary – Augustine

Here Augustine reflects on hishat famous incident, recorded in Luke 10, when the Lord comes to the home of Martha and Mary.  Martha busies herself with the details of hospitality, anxious and troubled about many things. Martha represents the battle we all face against the...

Martha Mary Contemplation Contemplative prayer mystical mystic
Contemplation for Busy People

All Christians, even the busiest among us, are called to contemplative, even mystical, prayer. Here are a few tips on how to experience contemplation even in the midst of action....

bruno segni martha mary bethany Jesus visit active contemplative life
Martha and Mary – Bruno of Segni

Bruno of Segni considers Jesus' visit to the home of Martha and Mary in Bethany (Luke 10) as a lesson on the difference between the contemplative and active life....