Incarnation Word of God assumed a Body instrument immortality Athanasius
Why the Word assumed a Body – Athanasius

In this excerpt from his work On the Incarnation, St. Athanasius says that the Word of God entered our world and assumed a body so that he could die for us, so great is his loving kindness.  It is read by the Church on the...

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Christmas Proclamation – Roman Martyrology

The announcement of the Nativity of the Lord from the Roman Martyrology formally proclaims the birth of Jesus Christ, based on the biblical accounts. Beginning with creation, it relates the birth of the Lord to the major events and people of both salvation...

william st. thierry apostle love
He Loved Us First – William of St. Thierry

William of St.-Thierry explains the history of salvation, culminating in the Incarnation, as a revelation of the love of God who comes to empower us to love him in return. The advent of the Savior is the coming of Jesus Christ, the apostle of...

praise of christmas ephrem ephraem syrian incarnation
In Praise of Christmas – Ephrem

It is not absolutely certain that it was St Ephraem who wrote this lyrical praise of Christmas, but the piece is sufficiently beautiful to be attributed to the poetic theologian and father of the church who is known as "the Harp of the Holy Spirit"...