prayer charles borromeo nov 4
Prayer Must Come First – Charles Borromeo

Charles Borromeo, the bishop apostle of Northern Italy during the Catholic Reformation, on the primacy of prayer, read on his feast day, November 4. Though he is here addressing priests, his advice on meditation, distractions and recollection is valuable for all Christians....

god refuge ambrose thirst waters
God is Our Refuge – Ambrose

Here St. Ambrose comments on the biblical theme of God as Our Refuge (Pslam 45) and emphasizes God's incomparable goodness for which we must thirst as if deer longing for fountains of water....

ratzinger benedict XVI contemplation of beauty art
Contemplation of Beauty – Joseph Ratzinger

This Lenten and Holy Week meditation on Psalm 45 and the contemplation of beauty represents a message that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) sent to a meeting of the ecclesial movement Communion and Liberation in August 2002. The group was meeting in...

Lord's prayer Christ teaches us to pray Our Father
Christ Teaches Us to Pray – Cyprian

This post on the Lord's Prayer comes from one of the earliest treatises on the Our Father, written around AD 240 by Cyprian of Carthage. It discusses one of the three pillars of Lenten penance, namely, the importance and power of prayer....