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Catholic and Apostolic Faith – Irenaeus

Here Irenaeus underlines the Catholicity of the Church with many cultures professing a single truth, a common tradition of catholic and apostolic faith going back to the apostles and their disciples. Though this was written about 185 AD, one can recognize here the outline of...

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St. George, Martyr – Peter Damian

Peter Damian on St. George.  The veneration of Saint George, the courageous soldier of Christ and martyr,  began as early as the fourth century at Lydda in Palestine, where a church was built in his honor.  From antiquity this veneration has spread throughout both the...

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Contest of Faith – Cyprian

Cyprian, a north African bishop of the third century, himself eventually died a martyr.  Here he exhorts fellow Christians to courage as they face the contest of faith in a hostile pagan society.  Following Ephesians 6, he urges Christians to put on the whole armor...

Anselm - Lord God I Am Dazzled by Your Light facebook
Dazzled by the Brightness of God’s Light! – Anselm

This moving excerpt from the St. Anselm's Proslogion (Cap. 14, 16, 26) addresses God as the Supreme Mystery who dwells in inaccessible light, source of all wisdom and goodness. It is used in the Roman Office of Readings for the liturgical memorial (feast)of St. Anselm...