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wisdom word son created incarnate Athanasius
Jesus Christ as Incarnate Wisdom – Athanasius

Athanasius here writes of the only begotten Son as the eternal Word, his perfect image, God's creative Wisdom Incarnate through whom the Father made the universe and all its creatures and in whom he takes delight. Athanasius is anxious to show that...

procopius of gaza proverbs 9 wisdom has built herself a house virtues eucharist seven 7 gifts of the holy spirit
Wisdom has built herself a House – Procopius of Gaza

Procopius of Gaza on Proverbs declaration that wisdom has built herself a house. His explanation touches on many topics-- the divinity and humanity of Christ, the seven gifts of the holy Spirit, the value of prudence, and the gift of Christ's body and blood...

Keep Your Eyes on Christ – Gregory of Nyssa

Gregory of Nyssa urges us here to follow Paul's command to keep your eyes fixed on Christ rather than be preoccupied with earthly trivialities. The wise man heeds this advice. The fool preoccupies himself with things destined to pass away....