Justice Leo great earthly heavenly treasure riches wealth treasures mercy compassion
Treasures of Justice – Leo the Great

Leo the Great here comments on the right use of earthly treasure to store up heavenly riches.  True wealth consists in the possession of God, the source of all delight.  We store it up through mercy and compassion. ...

talk is cheap parable two sons actions deeds words word God's will 26th Sunday Ordinary A
Talk is Cheap – Parable of the Two Sons

The parable of the two Sons makes clear that saying yes to Jesus Christ is much more a matter of deeds and actions than words and promises. Talk is cheap but body language never lies....

Gregory Nazianzen imitate God's generosity stewardship generous almsgiving giver gifts lenten sacrifice abraham isaac mt. mount moriah transgifuration
Imitate God’s Generosity-Gregory Nazianzen

This excellent reflection on one of the three pillars of Lenten penance, almsgiving or generosity, is an excerpt from a sermon on the love of poverty by Saint Gregory of Nazianzen. It is also a very clear statement on stewardship -- that we are stewards,...

Jesus, John the Baptist & the River Jordan
Jesus, John the Baptist & the River Jordan – Podcast

7 minute podcast describing the Jordan River by Dr. Italy who has visited numerous times the site where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.Everyone has heard of the river Jordan, where John the Baptist baptized Jesus.  But few know much about it or can...

priesthood of believers priests baptismal laity
Priesthood of Believers

All the baptized share in a very real way in the priesthood of Jesus Christ.  Yet the baptismal priesthood of the laity in no way means that ordained priests don't also have an essential and irreplaceable role....

handshake fraternal correction loving intervention humble self-righteous prophets love ezekiel watchman 23rd Sunday Ordinary A ezekiel watchman Matthew 18 love watch out watching out warn 23rd Sunday Ordinary Time A correzione fraterna intervento amorevole umile non egoista profeti ezechiele Matteo 18 avvertimento 23 domenica tempo ordinario
Fraternal Correction – Loving Intervention

The biblical approach to fraternal correction has nothing to do with the self-righteousness of the Pharisees. Rather, it is all about loving intervention. As Ezekiel was a watchman for the house of Israel, we are all watchmen for each other....