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Holy Spirit and the Catholic Church

For the proper interpretation of Scripture and to discern God's will, where do we turn for guidance, the teaching authority of the Church, or to the Holy Spirit? The Council of Jerusalem in Acts 15 gives us some answers....

Catholic Church as prophetic institution, relationship, prophecy, tandem
Catholic Church as Prophetic Institution

People often think of the Catholic Church primarily in terms of being an institution.  While the Church does have an institutional dimension, it is entirely at the service of proclaiming the word of God.  It is a prophetic institution....

Magisterium teaching authority catholic church word of God
Magisterium Part 1: What is it & Why Do We Need it?

The first in a 4 part series on the Magisterium, or sacred teaching office, of the Catholic Church, explaining the relation between Church authority and biblical authority, and how written documents, even inspired writings of the BIble, require authentic, authoritative interpretation....

Tradition magisterium teaching authority church episcopal dei verbum vatican II council
Vatican II on Tradition & Magisterium

This excerpt from the Second Vatican Council's Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation (Dei Verbum) chapter II paragraphs 7-10 treats of the nature and purpose of Tradition as a vehicle for the transmission of Divine Revelation.  It also addresses he role of the Magisterium (Episcopal Teaching...

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Papacy & Bible – Pope as Servant of the Word

The teaching authority of the Church, and especially the Papacy, are seen by some as competing with the authority of the Bible. This essay explains the Catholic position that the Pope and all Church authority are under the authority of God's Word coming to...

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Magisterium Part 3: Infallibility

This 3rd in a series on the Magisterium of the Catholic Church explores infallibility: the teaching that the bishops of the Catholic Church, and the Pope in particular, can, in certain circumstances, teach in a way that is guaranteed to be infallible or without error....