prayer charles borromeo meditation nov 4
Prayer Must Come First – Charles Borromeo

Charles Borromeo, the bishop apostle of Northern Italy during the Catholic Reformation, on the primacy of prayer, read on his feast day, November 4. Though he is here addressing priests, his advice on meditation, distractions and recollection is valuable for all Christians....

Hear O Israel great commandment omission commission love heart 31st Sunday Ordinary B
Hear, Oh Israel! – Keeping the Great Commandment

Hear O Israel!  Most have heard of the Great Commandment - to love God with your whole heart and your neighbor as yourself.  But if God is just and salvation depends upon perfect obedience to this command, who can be saved?...

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Liturgy and Tradition – Video

Video explaining the fascinating relationship between liturgy and Tradition, by Dr. Italy.  Video #5 in his course on Liturgy and Sacraments for the Catholic Distance University. The liturgy of the Catholic Church arises from Scripture and is itself full of scripture readings and scriptural prayers.  But...

Liturgy and the Real Presence of Christ – Video

Many are aware that Catholics believe in "the real presence."  In this video, Dr. Italy explains the various ways that Jesus Christ is truly and really present in the Church's liturgy, culminating in the Eucharist. The "real presence" is a phrase that began to be used...

our lady rosary podcast Marian christ-centered prayer, mysteries, meditation contemplative unlocking power pray Hail Mary May october 7
Unlocking the Power of the Rosary – Podcast

A 16 minute podcast in which Sonrise Morning show host Ryan Lopez asks Dr. Italy some insightful questions about the rosary as a contemplative and Christ-centered prayer, Mary as the first contemplative, fruitful meditation on the mysteries, and practical tips on unlocking the power of...

Why we Need Ritual – video

In this video, Dr. Italy explains that ritual and liturgy are required by the very nature of human beings for whom symbols and gestures are indispensable forms of communication. Many Christian believers since the 16th century Protestant Reformation have rejected rituals altogether as religion of the...