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Sign of the Cross, rediscovering its Meaning – Podcast

In this 14 minute podcast, Dr. Italy discusses with Anna Mitchell the various layers of meaning of the sign of the cross, one of the biblical treasures of the Catholic tradition. The sign of the cross is one of the hallmarks of Catholic life and prayer. ...

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Liturgy and Tradition – Video

Video explaining the fascinating relationship between liturgy and Tradition, by Dr. Italy.  Video #5 in his course on Liturgy and Sacraments for the Catholic Distance University. The liturgy of the Catholic Church arises from Scripture and is itself full of scripture readings and scriptural prayers.  But...

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Does Scripture bash Tradition?

What does the term Tradition really mean? Is it opposed to the Bible? The sola scriptura principle of the Protestant Reformation assumed it was -- here we examine this assumption in the light of a few key scriptures....