2nd council of orange prevenient grace free-will salvation double predestination augustine pelagianism caesarius arles
Council of Orange on Grace

The second Council of Orange was a small synod of only 14 bishops, presided over by St. Caesarius, bishop of Arles, held in what is now south-eastern France.  It confronted issues of faith, grace, free-will and predestination in order to solve lingering debates over Pelagianism...

zacchaeus tax collector grace jericho climb sycamore tree Zaccheus
Zacchaeus – Grace Comes to the Tax Collector

Zacchaeus (a.k.a Zaccheus) was an especially successful tax collector and therefore an exceptionally hated man. On the road to Jericho, from the limb of a Sycamore tree, this blood-sucking vampire caught a glimpse of mercy and grace and had to make a choice....

saint augustine of hippo statue augustine and the pelagian heresy
Augustine, Free Will and God’s Grace

In this video, Dr. Italy discusses Augustine's fight against both Manicheans and Pelagians defending free will on the one hand and the utter necessity of grace on the other. In this, video #20 in his series on the Catholic Theological Tradition, Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Ph.D. (Dr. Italy)...

john 3:16 hell 4th sunday lent B judgment grace God so loved the world giovanni 3:16 inferno quarta domenica quaresima B giudizio grazia Dio ha tanto amato il mondo
How Can a God of Love send People to Hell?

If God is a Father who loves the world so much, how can he possibly send people to hell?  Jesus plainly gives us the answer to this question in perhaps the most famous worlds in the Bible....

2nd second century homily on the free gift & grace of salvation in Jesus Christ
The Gift of Salvation – 2nd Century Homily

This excerpt from an anonymous homily written in the 2nd Century AD extols the precious gift of salvation that comes to us as a grace, a free, undeserved gift from Christ Jesus. [dropcaps type='normal' font_size='100' color='' background_color='' border_color='']B[/dropcaps] rethren, we ought to regard Jesus Christ both...