boast in the Lord Jesus Christ, boasting in nothing but his cross where we find righteousness lamb of God Passover Cordero de Dios small

08 Mar Power of the Cross – St. Leo the Great

Leo the Great reflects on the passion of Jesus Christ and sees in it not shame, but glory. He sees in the cross not weakness, but power. In his passion and death on the cross, Jesus fulfills all the sacrifices of the Old Covenant which were no more than foreshadowings of what happened on Calvary.
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leo the great mary royal virgin mother house david our lady of mount mt. carmel July 15

07 Jul Mary the Royal Virgin – Leo the Great

Leo the Great on Mary, the Royal Virgin of the house of David, mother of the Messiah and Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  royal virgin of the house of David is chosen. She is to bear holy child, one who is both God and man....
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Leo the Great Creator of Time is Born incarnation genealogy Luke Matthew human nature

27 Jun Creator of Time is Born in Time – Leo the Great

Saint Leo says the genealogy of Jesus given us in Luke and Matthew's gospels shows that Jesus was truly one of us, possessing a complete human nature. He did not merely appear in human form, as in the biblical types and scriptural symbols of the Old Testament. The mystery of our reconciliation with God could not have occurred unless he had stooped to assume our lowly nature even while fully possessing the divine nature of his heavenly father. The Creator of time was born in time.
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annunciation leo the great incarnation human divine humanity divinity nature person visible invisible God Man

24 Jun Feast of the Annunciation, God Becomes Man – Leo

The Solemnity or Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord is celebrated on March 25. Here, in his typically lyrical language and powerful imagery, Leo the Great ponders the unfathomable mystery of God becoming man in the womb of a Virgin who had the courage to say "I am the handmaiden of the Lord; let it be done unto me according to your word." Through the Father's love and Mary's faith, the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.
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Leo the Great incarnation human dignity

15 Jun Recognize the Dignity of your Nature – Leo

Leo the Great here emphasizes that the Incarnation, the mystery of God becoming man, changes everything.  Human dignity is now vastly elevated, requiring us to live in a new way, with a new relationship to the visible things of this beautiful but passing world.
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Leo the Great Epiphany --Star Invites all Nations Gentiles to Find Christ King revelation manifestation

10 Jun Epiphany – Star Invites all Nations to Find Christ – Leo the Great

“Epiphany” means revelation or appearance of a King. On this feast, the church celebrates the revelation of Christ as King, messiah, Lord, and God to the Gentiles, to all nations, represented by the Magi from the east. he loving providence of God determined that in...
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