17 Aug St. Leo the Great know about the life of St. Leo the Great is that, as a deacon of the Roman Church, before being elevated to the office of Pope in 440 AD,...
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leo great priesthood of all Christians sacrifices oil chrism consecration november 10

10 Nov Baptismal Priesthood, Ministerial Priesthood – Leo the Great

...the Priesthood of all Christians, Click here. This post on the priesthood of all Christians and the ministerial priesthood is an excerpt from a sermon by St. Leo the Great...
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Leo the Great feast of the chair of peter rock with keys February 22

22 Feb Peter, the Keys, and the Chair – Leo the Great

...Leo the Great (Sermo 4 de natali ipsius, 2-3: PL 54, 149-151) on the chair or teaching authority of St. Peter. It appears in Roman Office of Readings for the...
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