Transfiguration of the Lord Jesus Christ August 6 Mt. Tabor It is good for us to be here Anastasius of Sinai
It is Good for Us to be Here – Anastasius

St. Anastasius of Sinai on the experience of Peter, James and John atop Mt. Tabor. Read on August 6, the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord Jesus. We too are called to behold his radiance and say "it is good for us...

mary theotokos mother of God cyril of alexandria june 27
Divine Motherhood of Mary – Cyril of Alexandria

On June 27, the Catholic Church honors the Memory of St. Cyril of Alexandria, best known for his role at the Council of Ephesus in AD 431 defending the traditional title of the Virgin Mary as Theotokos, translated "God-bearer" or Mother of God....

athanasius jesus eternal word image of the father divinity of christ son word of God
Jesus, Eternal Word, Image of the Father – Athanasius

A strong affirmation, by Athanasius, of the full Divinity of Christ in an age when that doctrine was under attack. The heresy of Arianism, which taught that Jesus was inferior to the Father, originated in Alexandria, Egypt, the native place of St. Athanasius....