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Buried With Christ in Baptism – Basil

This Holy week reading on imitating Christ's death by being buried with him through baptism amplifies St. Paul's words in Romans 6:11 that in the sacrament of baptism we are baptized into Christ's death, being buried as it were with him under the saving waters...

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Celebrating Easter the Paschal Feast – Athanasius

This excerpt from a Easter letter by St. Athanasius was written around 340 AD to prepare the people of Alexandria, Egypt for the celebration of the Paschal Feast of Easter. It clearly demonstrates the sacramental and liturgical nature of worship in the early church....

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Holy Week Readings and Thanksgiving Prayers

Excerpts from two ancient Holy Week homilies followed by a special Holy Week thanksgiving prayer appropriate for either personal or corporate use. Super devotions for the sacred Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday....

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My Sacrifice is a Contrite Spirit – Augustine

Augustine discusses the true sacrifice of repentance God desires as he explores Psalm 51, David's expression of sorrow for sin. It is a contrite heart and a humble spirit over our own sin rather than indignation over the sins of others that pleases the...