Matthew’s Gospel

icon great little faith moves mountains canaanite woman belief trust humble 20th Sunday A grande piccola fede sposta montagne credere fidarsi umiltà donna cananea la fe de la mujer cananea mueve mover montañas
The Canaanite Woman – Faith to Move Mountains

Jesus heals the daughter of the Canaanite woman because her faith was so great. He rebuked the disciples because their faith was too little. Matthew's gospel here is teaching us something very important about the nature of the faith that moves mountains....

walking on water jesus storm sea of galilee peter fear not mature faith trials 19th Sunday Ordinary Time A Camminare sulle acque Gesù Pietro paura fede non matura prove 19 domenica tempo ordinario A facebook
Walking on the Water – Fear, Faith & Trials

The gospel story of Jesus walking on the water and Peter sinking has much to teach us about the difference between fear, little faith, and the kind of trust that endures waves and storms, trials and crisis....

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Discipleship, Discipline, and Disciples – Podcast

7 minute podcast segment in which Dr. Italy is interviewed about the dynamics of discipleship and the paradox of freedom and rest through discipline.The term discipleship has been heard a lot in the past few years.  Many parishes are writing mission statements these days calling...

Jesus burden light yoke easy gentle meek heart disciple discipline carga ligera discipulo yugo suave gesù giogo facile peso leggero discepolo mite disciplina facebook
My Yoke is Easy, My Burden Light

In Matthew's gospel, Jesus makes the statement "my yoke is easy, my burden light." For many of us who follow him, this does not seem to square with our experience. This post discusses the reasons for this....

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God – The Father

The Fatherhood of God has come under fire with the rise of feminism. If we know that God is pure spirit who transcends male and female, masculine and feminine, why preserve what some believe to be the antiquated, patriarchal practice of referring to the divinity...