st. saint francis assisi humility charity pure poor simple purity October 4
Humility and Charity – Francis of Assisi

Francis of Assisi is one of the most well-known and widely loved Catholic saints of all time. He thought it often necessary to use words to preach the gospel, and what follows is the heart of his simple message based on humility and charity....

our lady rosary podcast Marian christ-centered prayer, mysteries, meditation contemplative unlocking power pray Hail Mary May october 7
Unlocking the Power of the Rosary – Podcast

A 16 minute podcast in which Sonrise Morning show host Ryan Lopez asks Dr. Italy some insightful questions about the rosary as a contemplative and Christ-centered prayer, Mary as the first contemplative, fruitful meditation on the mysteries, and practical tips on unlocking the power of...

Teresa of Avila
Teresa of Avila, the No-Nonsense Mystic – Podcast

In this podcast Dr. Italy describes the great Carmelite mystic, Teresa of Avila, pointing out how she combined practical wisdom, mysticism and a sense of  humor in an extraordinary way. St. Teresa of Avila is rightly known as a towering figure in the history of the...

St Saint Jerome translator Hebrew Latin conversion sharp tongue bethlehem bible scripture Septemeber 30 doctor father church
Jerome – Father, Doctor and Warrior – Podcast

14 minute podcast in which Sonrise Morning show guest host Ryan Lopez quizzes Dr. Italy about the life and impact of Jerome, bible scholar, father and Doctor of the Church and warrior for Christ.  On the occasion of his feast day, September 30....

Padre Pio Power Weakness podcast September 23
Padre Pio & the Power of Weakness – Podcast

Dr. Italy discusses the Capuchin friar Padre Pio who in his lifetime was first famous in Italy and then the whole world for his stigmata and miracles worked through his intercession.  How Christ's power is made perfect in weakness. The first thing people think about when...

Pio Highlights
Padre Pio Highlights of His Life

Timeline and biographical highlights of the great 20th century Capuchin Franciscan Saint, Padre Pio of Pietralcina whose feast day is September 23.  Comments and bio by Dr. Italy....