prayer god joy light john Chrysostom
Prayer as Conversation with God – John Chrysostom

Saint John Chrysostom here speaks of the gift of prayer as continual conversation with God that proceeds from longing for God that lifts the soul into the heavens where it embraces God and brings great joy and light to the soul....

Ephrem diatesseron God's Word treasure spring Scripture inexhaustible treasure spring spiritual drink
God’s Word is Inexhaustible – Ephrem

St. Ephrem testifies to the rich, inexhaustible treasure that is the Sacred Scriptures. The Bible is like a Spring which never runs dry, which always has the ability to satisfy our thirst for God and his truth...

potter forming a clay pot with hands dirty
Until Christ is formed in you – Augustine

Augustine, commenting on Galatians, hits many themes: grace, merit, freedom, and imitation of Christ. Paul, laboring with the Church which is a mother, experiences birth-pangs until Christ is formed in the children of God....

paul crown of glory john chrysostom feast of timothy titus january 26
Paul’s Crown of Glory – John Chrysostom

Here John Chrysostom praises the zeal of Paul to win the crown of glory and calls us to imitate his example of virtue. It is most appropriate reading for the feast of Saints Timothy and Titus on January 26 since they were among the...

rosary prayer praying the hands
Frequent Prayer at Set Times – Augustine

Augustine tells Proba that praying always through the desire of the heart does not mean we should not frequent pray formally, at appointed hours, using words.  Without such formal prayer at set times, desire would grow cold....

January 22 St. Vincent Deacon Martyr Augustine
St. Vincent, Deacon & Martyr – Augustine

St. Vincent was a deacon of the Church of Saragossa, Spain in the first years of the fourth century. In the course of the brutal persecution of the emperor Diocletian, Vincent was apprehended and ordered to surrender the sacred books. When he refused, he was...