Gregory of Nazianzen

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Observing Holy Week – Gregory of Nazianzen

Gregory of Nazianzen here provides us a wonderful guide to meditating on the Passion of Christ in a way that will make Holy Week and the Triduum a life-changing experience. We are enter into the paschal sacrifice by finding ourselves in the various actors...

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Imitate God’s Generosity – Gregory Nazianzen

This excellent reflection on one of the three pillars of Lenten penance, almsgiving or generosity, is an excerpt from a sermon on the love of poverty by Saint Gregory of Nazianzen. It is also a very clear statement on stewardship -- that we are stewards,...

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Baptism of the Lord – Gregory Nazianzen

Here Gregory Nazianzen points out that Christ was baptized not for his sake but for ours. Sanctifying the waters of baptism for all generations to come, he manifested the the Trinity through the Spirit who comes to rest on him in the form of...

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Wonder of the Incarnation – Gregory of Nazianzen

A lyrical tribute to the wonder and mystery of the Incarnation by Gregory of Nazianzen. He shows that the first step in the work of atonement between God and man is taken when the Divine Word, the eternal Son of God, unites his divinity...

prayer for the dead
Prayer for the Dead – Gregory Nazianzen

[dropcaps type='normal' font_size='65' color='' background_color='' border_color='']W[/dropcaps]hat is man, that you are mindful of him? What is this new mystery surrounding me? I am both small and great, both lowly and exalted, mortal and immortal, earthly and heavenly. I am to be buried with Christ and to...