Cyril of Alexandria

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Divine Motherhood of Mary – Cyril of Alexandria

On June 27, the Catholic Church honors the Memory of St. Cyril of Alexandria, best known for his role at the Council of Ephesus in AD 431 defending the traditional title of the Virgin Mary as Theotokos, translated "God-bearer" or Mother of God....

Cyril of Alexandria Mary Mother of God Theotokos Dedication of the Basilica of St. Mary Major August 5
Mary, Mother of God, Theotokos – Cyril of Alexandria

Cyril, patriarch of Alexandria, Egypt, presided over the 3rd great Ecumenical Council of the Church which met in 431 AD in Ephesus and which proclaimed Mary as the Theotokos ("God-bearer" or "Mother of God"). Following this proclamation, many churches were dedicated to the Blessed...

mission of the 12 twelve apostles cyril alexandria simon jude
Mission of the 12 Apostles – Cyril of Alexandria

These words of Cyril of Alexandria on the mission of the 12 apostles are read on October 28, the Feast of Saints Simon and Jude. The name of Saint Simon usually appears 11th in the list of the Twelve. Nothing is known of him...

cyril of alexandria building god's house the temple haggai peace church body of christ build
Building God’s House – Cyril of Alexandria

Cyril of Alexandria, commenting on the book of Haggai, speaks of the Church, the Body of Christ, as the new temple that we must busy ourselves with building and the peace that passes understanding as the reward given to those who rebuild it....

I am the Vine – Cyril of Alexandria

Cyril of Alexandria discusses the words of Jesus "I am the vine, you are the branches" (John 15:5)l; how the Holy Spirit is the bond uniting us with Christ & one another, making us bear fruit....

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Spirit Restores our Human Nature – Cyril of Alexandria

Here St. Cyril of Alexandria comments on the promise of God the Father to pour out his Holy Spirit on all mankind in order to renew and restore our wounded human nature.  In his baptism, the Lord Jesus Christ, "the first-fruits of our restored nature," receives...