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Sacraments & Resurrection Light – Ephrem

In this beautiful prayer, read by the Church each year on June 9, the feast of St. Ephrem, we see the sacraments as a reflection of the light of the resurrection, an experience of the divine beauty which brings us delight....

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God’s Word is Inexhaustible – Ephrem

St. Ephrem testifies to the rich, inexhaustible treasure that is the Sacred Scriptures. The Bible is like a Spring which never runs dry, which always has the ability to satisfy our thirst for God and his truth...

praise of christmas ephrem ephraem syrian incarnation
In Praise of Christmas – Ephrem

It is not absolutely certain that it was St Ephraem who wrote this lyrical praise of Christmas, but the piece is sufficiently beautiful to be attributed to the poetic theologian and father of the church who is known as "the Harp of the Holy Spirit"...

brillian light of God's Wisdom Ephrem the Syrian June 9 sacramental sacrament sacraments baptism eucharist beauty resurrection
Brilliant Light of God’s Wisdom – Ephrem

Ephrem, on the brilliant light of God's wisdom that illuminates us especially initially through the sacrament of baptism and daily through the sacramental table of the eucharist. The sacraments are a mirror reflecting God's beauty and a pledge of our future resurrection....