Augustine of Hippo

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Saint Nicholas & John 21 – Augustine

This excerpt from St. Augustine's Treatise on John's Gospel (Tract. 123, 5: CCL 36, 678-680) is read on the feast day of St. Nicholas, December 6. It focuses on the real meaning of the gift-giving for which St. Nicholas is famous--the self-giving love of a...

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Our Father, the Lord’s Prayer – Augustine

Augustine here comments on the meaning of each of the petitions of the Our Father. If we do not use the exact words of the Lord's Prayer when we pray, all that we do say ought to be inspired by its spirit....

Augustine sermon 46 on pastors leaders leadership accountability christian christians pastors shepherds sheep flock
Christian Leadership entails Rigorous Accountability – Augustine

An excerpt from St. Augustine's sermon 46 on the rigorous accountability required of pastors.  However, it is a moving reflection on the nature of Christian leadership that is also relevant for anyone entrusted with the care and development of others including Christian parents, teachers, and...

Augustine Church Shepherd Straying scattered sheep mother vine on pastors shepherds graft
The Church, Shepherd of Straying Sheep – Augustine

Augustine shows that even if some pastors are wicked, seeking their own interests rather than Christ's, the Catholic Church herself is Mother and Shepherd who seeks out the straying sheep, cares for the sick and strengthens the weak. She is also like a vine which...

augustine on pastors seek out the lost sheep sermon 46
Seek out the Lost Sheep – Augustine

Augustine, in his sermon 46 to Pastors, reflects upon the mandate from the Lord, found in Ezekiel, for shepherds to seek out the lost sheep, even if those sheep seem to want to be lost....

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St. Monica, Model of Christian Motherhood – Augustine

An account of the death of St. Monica, mother of Augustine, written about 10 years afterwards, in her son's famous book The Confessions.  Read on August 27, feast day of Monica, model of Christian Motherhood.[dropcaps type='normal' font_size='100' color='' background_color='' border_color='']B[/dropcaps]ecause the day when she was...