ascension new evangelization gospel commission
Ascension of Christ & the New Evangelization

The Solemnity of the Ascension celebrates many things, among them hope, charity, and the Great Commission to preach the gospel to all nations. Thus, it is a fitting time to ponder the call of Pope John Paul II to a "new evangelization."...

airport terminal coronavirus pilgrimage travel COVID-19
Coronavirus – COVID-19 and Pilgrimage Travel

A collection of useful information on Coronavirus COVID-19 especially as it relates to pilgrimage travel with the Crossroads Initiative.  What is the status of the upcoming pilgrimages sponsored by the Crossroads Initiative?  From Dr. Italy, a veteran international traveler and pilgrimage tour leader.  We encourage...

blessed-franz-jagerstatter-a-hidden-life-podcast martyr movie Fani
Blessed Franz Jägerstätter, A Hidden Life – Podcast

5 min podcast discussing Terence Malick's film, A Hidden Life, which tells the story of World War II martyr of conscience, Blessed Franz Jagerstatter and his equally heroic wife Fani.Terence Malick recently directed a film about a simple Austrian farming couple whose alpine paradise was...

paraclete advocate holy ghost spirit 6th Sunday Easter A fire paraclito avvocato spirito santo
Holy Spirit – Paraclete & Advocate

The Holy Spirit, aka Holy Ghost, is the third person of the Trinity but is generally the least known and appreciated. In calling him the Paraclete or Advocate. Jesus hints at what the Spirit does and why he is so important....

call apostle matthias twelve john chrysostom may 14
Call of St. Matthias-John Chrysostom

Because he was a witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Saint Matthias was chosen by the other apostles to take the place of Judas (Acts 1;15-26).   Matthias is remembered by the Church each year on May 14, and reads this reflection on Matthias' call...