09/14 Exaltation of the Holy Cross

twin towers ground zero memorial Twin tower terrorism and the power of the cross
Twin Tower Terrorism and the Power of the Cross

Dr.Italy, in this 14 minute podcast with Anna Mitchell, remembers the tragedy of 9/11 and shows the connection between the horror of terrorism and the victory of the cross. September 11 is the anniversary of one of most brutal acts of terrorism of all time.  Three...

feast of triumph, victory, glory & exaltation of the Holy Cross St. Andrew of Crete September 14
Triumph & Exaltation of the Holy Cross – Andrew of Crete

St. Andrew of Crete (8th Century) proclaims the victory, glory, and triumph of Christ crucified forr the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on September 14, the day that the stolen relics of the true cross were returned to Jerusalem in the early...