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Psalms, the Song of the Church – Pius X

St. Pope Pius X on the psalms which play a central role in the continual sacrifice of praise which is the divine liturgy of the Church. Singing the psalms is the best way to praise and bless God due to their inspiration by the Holy...

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Songs of Joy & Jubilation – Augustine

Augustine, commenting on the psalms command to sing to God songs of joy, notes that the jubilation in our hearts sometimes overflows the capacity of all words, yet we cannot remain silent. The Church recalls such songs of joy on the feast of St....

ambrose delightful book of the psalms as medicine & gymnasium for the soul stadium of virtue compendium of the Old Testament & prophecy of the New Covenant
Delightful Book of the Psalms – Ambrose

Ambrose explains how the delighteful book of the psalms provides a true gymnasium for the soul with exercises to develop every virtue, and condense all parts of the Old Covenant - law, prophecy, and history and foreshadow the New Covenant as well, predicting as they...

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Psalms: Music of Heaven – Ambrose

St. Ambrose here provides a poetic and moving description of the role of the book of psalms in the prayer life of the Church. Though many devotional prayers are are to be found in the treasury of the Christian Tradition, it is the psalter...