Cyprian Lord's Prayer Our Father introduction unity Son complete concise
The Lord’s Prayer, Complete but Concise – Cyprian

The beginning of Cyprian's treatise on the Lord's Prayer, the Our Father. He emphasizes how complete yet concise this prayer is, and how it represents a participation in the intimate relationship of unity between the Father and God the Son....

cyprian lord's prayer our father complete text
Our Father, the Lord’s Prayer – Cyprian

St. Cyprian, a pagan convert who went on to become bishop of Carthage in the 3rd Century, gives us one of the earliest and most extensive commentaries on the Lord's Prayer, aka the "Our Father." Here is the complete text of his treatise....

Cyprian Lord's Prayer Our Father communal in one accord unity children family
Our Father, not My Father – Cyprian

Cyprian begin's his commentary on the Lord's Prayer by analyzing the first line: Our Father. We do not pray as individuals, but in common, as a family, since we are all children of the same Father....

cyprian - martyrdom of pope fabian
Martyrdom of Pope Fabian – Cyprian

Cyprian here writes of the martyrdom of St. Fabian who was elected bishop of the Church of Rome in 236. In 250, at the beginning of the persecution of the Emperor Decius, Pope Fabian was captured, martyred, and buried in the catacombs, in cemetery...

cornelius cyprian september 16 martyr martyrdom
Letter to Pope Cornelius – Cyprian

An excerpt written to Cornelius, bishop of Rome condemned to exile and death for his faith, from his brother bishop Cyprian of Carthage, who was to be martyred a few years later. Read on the feasts of Sts. Cornelius and Cyprian on September 16....

Lord's prayer Christ teaches us to pray Our Father
Christ Teaches Us to Pray – Cyprian

This post on the Lord's Prayer comes from one of the earliest treatises on the Our Father, written around AD 240 by Cyprian of Carthage. It discusses one of the three pillars of Lenten penance, namely, the importance and power of prayer....