Ordinary Time B

banquet table tables life feast wisdom 20th Sunday Ordinary B thrive eucharist bread of life
Come to the Banquet Table – Life is a Feast!

Some do the minimum in order to survive.  But we are called to seize every opportunity so we can truly thrive.  Proverbs says Wisdom has set a table for us.  Christ, Divine Wisdom incarnate, actually feeds us with two abundant tables - the feast of...

jesus walking on water Hidden Meaning of Loaves & Fishes multiplication eucharist fish 17th sunday ordinary b
Hidden Meaning of the Loaves & Fishes

The multiplication of the loaves and fishes is the only miracle of Jesus recorded in all four gospels. John calls it a sign, a symbolic event with many hidden meanings. It points beyond itself back to Old Testament persons and events and forward...

weary shepherd hungry sheep truth 16th Sunday Ordinary B leadership truth
Leadership in the Kingdom – Sheep & Shepherd

The story of the feeding of the 5,000 teaches us much about leadership in the Kingdom of God.  The King is a shepherd who puts the sheep's needs before his own, and feeds them with truth, the nourishment they need most....

Jesus Rejection Nazareth miracles could not do faith unbelief closes door 14th Sunday Ordinary B Tissot
Miracles Jesus Could not Do – lessons from Nazareth

The story about Jesus' disappointing reception in his hometown of Nazareth addresses a question asked by many - if God is omnipotent, can it be said that there are some miracles that he cannot perform?  The surprising answer tells us a lot about unbelief, faith,...

jairus' daughter raising miracles enlightenment july 4 13th Sunday Ordinary Tiime B figlia di Giairo miracoli illuminismo
Jairus’ Daughter, Miracles and the Enlightenment

Did Jesus really perform miracles & raise the daughter of Jairus from the dead? Deists, including several American founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson, said no, and their Enlightenment skepticism still influences us today...

calm after storm sea lake Galilee wind waves obey Jesus calming Socratic method Mark 12th Sunday Ordinary B
The Calming of the Storm and the Socratic Method

One of the most famous bible stories of all time is Jesus calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee.  Mark, the evangelist, uses the story to ask the reader a question that elicits a clear answer on the identity of Christ.  This approach is...