Palm (Passion) Sunday

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Obsessed With the Passion of Christ?

This post on the sufferings and passion of our Lord Jesus Christ is focuses on Palm Sunday but makes for a great read anytime during the Lenten Season or Holy Week. Frequent meditation on the Passion of Christ is important because the Passion is...

Palm passion Sunday victory of humility triumphal entry Jerusalem donkey palme passione domenica vittoria dell'umiltà entrata trionfale Gerusalemme asino
Palm Sunday – Victory of Humility

Palm Sunday in most Christian Churches involves the distribution of palms and a commemoration of Jesus's triumphal entry into Jerusalem amidst shouts of Hosanna. But what is the meaning of his decision to ride into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey? It has...

Rejoice at His Coming! – Andrew of Crete

Andrew of Crete comments on Jesus' coming to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to remind us of Christ's continual coming and his final coming, calling us to receive his light and rejoice in his glory....