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Lent, Temptation, & the Desert Way – Video

In this brief video by Sherwood Fellows the key themes of Lent are explored - the mystery of sin, temptation, and transformation through a journey into the desert, the way of repentance and prayer....

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Surpass the Pharisees – Cut it Off!

We so often condemn the Pharisees that we totally miss a sneaky way that we are often like them. The hard saying of Jesus "if you hand causes you to sin, cut it off" is a kind of shock therapy to wake us up...

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Sing your Way Through Temptation – Augustine

Augustine here notes that we wayfarers should sing alleluia as we make our journey through constant temptation, trial and danger toward our heavenly homeland where we our song will be sung without anxiety, temptation or toil....

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The Discipline of Trials – Augustine

Here Augustine explains the necessary and important role of trials in the Christian life. Without the discipline of trials and chastisements, there would be no true spiritual growth. Chastisement means that God has truly adopted us as sons....