martyrdom of perpetua felicity felicitas carthage north african martyrs
Martyrdom of Saints Perpetua and Felicitas

The Passion of Perpetua and Feliciy contains the prison diary of Vibia Perpetua a young woman martyred in Carthage in the third century AD. This is one of the only extant accounts from a Christian martyr shortly before execution and perhaps the earliest surviving Christian...

augustine st. lawrence deacon martyr august 10 eucharist lord's supper mystery self-gift follow imitate Christ discipleship humility
St. Lawrence, Deacon & Martyr – Augustine

St. Lawrence (also rendered St. Laurence) was one of the seven deacons of the Church of Rome and was martyred under the Emperor Valerian on the 10th of August 258, four days after Pope Sixtus II and his companions. Little is known of the life...

peter paul disciples follow june 29 Rome
Peter & Paul – Disciples First

On the Solemnity (Feast) of the apostles Peter & Paul, disciples & martyrs who said yes to Jesus' call "follow me," the patronal feast of the Church of the City of Rome, the apostolic see, June 29....

martyrdom polycarp smyrna martyr February 23
Martyrdom of St. Polycarp

An excerpt from the account of the Martyrdom of St. Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna on the West Coast of Asia Minor (now Turkey). He was apprehended by the Roman authorities when in his eighties, on February 23 around the year 155 AD. ...

discipleship disciple radical thomas more call llamado discipulado discípulo Tomás Moro
Radical Discipleship – a Call for All

In Luke 14, Jesus speaks some very disturbing words to anyone who wants to be his disciple. He talks about discipleship as requiring people to renounce not only their possessions but also their own life and family. The example of Thomas More shows...

leo peter & Paul November 18 martyrs apostles martyrdom
Peter & Paul, Twin Martyrs – Leo

Peter & Paul have a common feast day. And though they each have their own basilica in Rome, the dedication of both are celebrated on the same day. St. Leo, 5th century bishop of Rome, shows that this is because they were united...