desert road and sign St. Anthony, the Desert & Spiritual Warfare masonry
St. Anthony, the Desert & Spiritual Warfare – Podcast

Sonrise Morning show hostess Anna Mitchell and Dr. Italy discuss a saint whose story caused a sensation in the Roman world of the fourth century - This 14 minute podcast focuses on the first St. Anthony, a hermit and abbot, who was renown for his...

Athanasius on the call of St. Anthony Antony or Antony of the desert january 17 facebook
Call of St. Anthony of the Desert – Athanasius

Excerpt from Athanasius' famous Life of Antony, recounting the story of the call of St. Anthony of the Desert, father of monks and great supporter of Christian Orthodox belief in the divinity of Christ against the Alexandrian heretic Arius....

hunger for righteousness beatitudes leo the great mary mother of God January 1 theotokos blessed are the merciful pure in heart mercy purity facebook
Mary, Mother of God?

January 1 is a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics not because it is New Years, but because it is the octave (8th day) of Christmas, the feast of Mary the Mother of God. This feast helps bring home the reality of the incarnation, that...

epiphany modern painting facebook
Epiphany of the Heart

[dropcaps type='normal' font_size='100' color='' background_color='' border_color='']G[/dropcaps]old may have been one of the original Christmas presents, but don’t be mistaken – there was never a golden age in the church free of controversy and struggle. Galatians and Acts tell us about a particularly big controversy in the...

Saul of Tarsus, aka Paul – Bearing Fruit

Saul of Tarsus the Pharisee to Paul, the apostle - both life and fruit were transformed. The story tells us where the bitter fruit of egoism and violence comes from, and how can it be changed into the fruit of the Spirit....

paul crown of glory john chrysostom feast of timothy titus january 26
Paul’s Crown of Glory – John Chrysostom

Here John Chrysostom praises the zeal of Paul to win the crown of glory and calls us to imitate his example of virtue. It is most appropriate reading for the feast of Saints Timothy and Titus on January 26 since they were among the...

devotion francis de sales january 24 holiness perfection calling station in life devout soldiers praying masonry
Devotion is for Everyone – Francis de Sales

Francis de Sales, one of the great masters of the spiritual life, here makes clear that devotion, his term for the pursuit of holiness, is not something tied to a specific state of life. All people, in a way appropriate to their own calling...

January 22 St. Vincent Deacon Martyr Augustine facebook
St. Vincent, Deacon & Martyr – Augustine

St. Vincent was a deacon of the Church of Saragossa, Spain in the first years of the fourth century. In the course of the brutal persecution of the emperor Diocletian, Vincent was apprehended and ordered to surrender the sacred books. When he refused, he was...

saint sebastian martyrdom arrow arrows tree tied wide facebook
Persecution & Martyrdom of St. Sebastian – Ambrose

St. Sebastian is is often depicted as tied to a tree and pierced by many arrows.  Ambrose says Sebastian was from Milan and was venerated there during Ambrose's episcopate in the latter part of the 4th century.  It appears Sebastian died in the great persecution...

Martyrdom of Pope Fabian Cyprian January 20
Martyrdom of Pope Fabian – Cyprian

Cyprian here writes of the martyrdom of St. Fabian who was elected bishop of the Church of Rome in 236. In 250, at the beginning of the persecution of the Emperor Decius, Pope Fabian was captured, martyred, and buried in the catacombs, in cemetery...


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