Christ (Messiah)

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Christ Anointed Priest and King – Faustinus

Here Faustinus shows how our Savior Jesus Christ was anointed with the Holy Spirit, the oil of gladness, as both priest and king. In this he is unlike all Old Testament figures except Melchizedek. It is used in the Roman Catholic Office of Readings for...

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Messianic Secret – the Meaning of the Cross

The Messianic Secret -- why does Jesus not want the word to get out that he is the Messiah?? Could it have something to do with the cross and the enigma that the only way to find yourself is to lose yourself?...

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Feast of Christ the King – a Lasting Dominion

The feast of Jesus Christ the Universal King was instituted by Pope Pius XI in 1925 and is observed on the last Sunday of the Roman Catholic Liturgical Year. It causes us to meditate on the Second and Final Coming of Christ, the last Judgment,...