06/29 Peter & Paul

John Chrysostom feast of the conversion of St. Paul apostle January 25
In Praise of St. Paul – John Chrysostom

 John Chrysostom here gives eloquent praise to the passionate love of Christ that drove St. Paul to face persecution and hardship with joy and leave behind the honors and benefits of the world.  It is read each year on January 25, the Feast of the...

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Peter, Paul & the Church of Rome – Podcast

A 14 minute podcast.   Sonrise Morning show host Anna Mitchell interviews Dr. Italy about the meaning of the Solemnity of Sts Peter & Paul on June 29 .  Why the martyrdom of these two pre-eminent apostles in Rome gave special status to the Roman Church...

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Peter & Paul – Disciples First

On the Solemnity (Feast) of the apostles Peter & Paul, disciples & martyrs who said yes to Jesus' call "follow me," the patronal feast of the Church of the City of Rome, the apostolic see, June 29....

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Peter, the Pope and the Keys

When we think about the Pope, we often think of the Vatican. But the roots of the Papacy are in the Old Testament as well as in the Gospel story of Jesus changing Simon's name to Peter and giving him the keys of the...

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Pope as Successor of Peter, Universal Shepherd

This post on the Papacy and Peter's unique role seeks to answer commonly asked questions about what Catholics believe about the Pope and why the bishop of Rome is considered to be the successor of Peter, the universal shepherd. [dropcaps type='normal' font_size='100' color='' background_color='' border_color='']O[/dropcaps]n many...

st. sts peter paul church rome martyrs apostles June 29
Solemnity of Sts. Peter & Paul – Augustine

This excerpt from St. Augustine shows that, as early as the fourth century, Christians celebrated June 29th in honor of Peter and Paul, the two apostles and martyrs who laid down their lives for Christ in the Eternal City of Rome....