Polycarp, Disciple of Apostles
Polycarp, Disciple of Apostles – Podcast

7 minute interview of Dr. Italy by Anna Mitchell of the Sonrise Morning Show, on St. Polycarp, one of the most fascinating of the Apostolic Fathers, those who pass on to us what they heard from the apostles of Jesus. Dr. Italy and Anna Mitchell here...

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Mary, Mother of God?

January 1 is a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics not because it is New Years, but because it is the octave (8th day) of Christmas, the feast of Mary the Mother of God. This feast helps bring home the reality of the incarnation, that...

St Saint Jerome translator Hebrew Latin conversion sharp tongue bethlehem bible scripture Septemeber 30 doctor father church
Jerome – Father, Doctor and Warrior – Podcast

14 minute podcast in which Sonrise Morning show guest host Ryan Lopez quizzes Dr. Italy about the life and impact of Jerome, bible scholar, father and Doctor of the Church and warrior for Christ.  On the occasion of his feast day, September 30....

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St. Lawrence, Deacon & Martyr – Augustine

St. Lawrence (also rendered St. Laurence) was one of the seven deacons of the Church of Rome and was martyred under the Emperor Valerian on the 10th of August 258, four days after Pope Sixtus II and his companions. Little is known of the life...

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Clement and the Roman Basilica of San Clemente-Podcast

Podcast discussing the amazing Roman basilica that goes all the way back to the new testament period, San Clemente, dedicated to Clement of Rome, third successor of Peter. Rome has a multitude of Churches.  When people think "basilica," St. Peter's comes to mind.  Some also think...

saint St. irenaeus of Lyons stained glass link to the apostles church father june 28 podcast
Irenaeus, link to the Apostles – Podcast

In this 14 minute podcast, Sonrise Morning Show Host Matt Swaim discusses with Dr. Italy why St. Irenaeus (feast day June 28) was such a pivotal figure in the history of Christianity, truly a link between the apostles and the Church today. Dr. Italy and Matt...