Saint joseph humility meekness
Saint Joseph, Humility & Meekness – Video

This talk on SAINT JOSEPH, HUMILITY AND MEEKNESS is 3rd in a series of presentations given by Dr. Italy for the special Year of St. Joseph.Jesus combined tremendous strength with great humility and gentleness. In his human nature, he learned this from his father. In...

Joseph model of faith
Joseph, Model of Faith – Video

Second in a series of three videos for the Year of St. Jospeh by Dr. Italy.  This talk highlights Joseph as a model of faith.Mary’s famous fiat remains a quintessential expression of what faith is all about. This is an important theme in Luke’s Gospel.But...

St Joseph, Saint Joseph, Model of faith, carpenter, Jesus
St. Joseph, Model of Faith – Podcast

14 minute podcast in which Dr. Italy discusses St. Joseph as an often overlooked hero of the Advent - Christmas story.  He shows how St. Matthew's gospel presents him as a model of faith....

martyrdom of perpetua felicity felicitas carthage north african martyrs march 7
Martyrdom of Saints Perpetua and Felicitas

The Passion of Perpetua and Feliciy contains the prison diary of Vibia Perpetua a young woman martyred in Carthage in the third century AD. This is one of the only extant accounts from a Christian martyr shortly before execution and perhaps the earliest surviving Christian...

feast St. saint agnes lamb ambrose martyr martyrdom january 21
Agnes Virgin & Martyr – Ambrose

Saint Agnes was a young girl of only 12 years of age who was martyred in Rome during the latter half of the third century or at the beginning of the fourth century, during the fierce persecution of Diocletian. Pope Damasus (ca. 380) honored her...

mary martha bethany fullness catholic distraction 16th sunday ordinary c maria marta Betania pienezza cattolica distrazione sedicesima domenica ordinario C facebook
Mary, Martha and the Catholic Fullness

Luke's story of Mary and Martha of Bethany, sisters of Lazarus, teaches us about hospitality, service, action and contemplation, and distraction in pursuit of the Catholic Fullness....

— Gaudete Sunday – Advent Joy & John the Baptist
nicholas sheep
Saint Nicholas & John 21 – Augustine

This excerpt from St. Augustine's Treatise on John's Gospel (Tract. 123, 5: CCL 36, 678-680) is read on the feast day of St. Nicholas, December 6. It focuses on the real meaning of the gift-giving for which St. Nicholas is famous--the self-giving love of a...