terrorism terrorist 9/11 September 11 victory triumph exaltation of the holy cross twin towers
Terrorism and the Victory of the Cross

September 11th is the anniversary of one of most brutal acts of terrorism of all time. Three days later, on September 14, the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches celebrate the Feast of the Exaltation, and triumph of the cross of Jesus Christ. This reflection...

Bede St. Matthew Tax Collector Feast September 21 apostle publican evangelist sinners banquet eyes of mercy
Call of Matthew the Tax Collector – Bede

St. Bede the Venerable on the call of Matthew, Tax Collector turned disciple, apostle & evangelist. Matthew, originally called Levi, was, as a publican, excommunicated from the life of the synagogue and shunned in Jewish society....

St. Matthew the tax-collectorholiness religiosity pharisees September 21 feast evangelist apostle mercy
Religiosity or Holiness – Matthew & the Pharisees

The Call of Matthew, tax-collector and notorious sinner, rattled the pious Pharisees and caused them to reject Jesus. This calls us to reflect on the true nature of holiness and how it differs from that pompous religiosity and empty piety that has always been the...

robert bellarmine you will find rest for your souls yoke easy burden light happiness love matthew 11:30 september 17
My Yoke is Easy, my Burden Light – Robert Bellarmine

Robert Bellarmine, reflecting on Jesus' statement in Matthew 11:30 that "my yoke is easy, my burden light," explains it in terms of love of God and the joy and happiness that it produces, in this life, and eternally.  For September 17, his feast day....

saint john chrysostom statue John Chrysostom, Bishop with a Backbone
John Chrysostom, Bishop with a Backbone – Podcast

Sonrise morning show host Anna Mitchell interviews Dr. Italy on the dramatic life and teaching of one of the most courageous bishops and amazing preachers of all time.  This 8 minute podcast on St. John Chrysostom will encourage you and call you on. Many contemporary bishops...

Whom Shall I Fear? – John Chrysostom

St. John Chrysostom proclaimed the Gospel fearlessly despite the jealousy and hatred directed at him by the supposedly Christian Empress and Imperial Court of Constantinople around AD 400. In the face of government threats he proclaims "If Christ is with me, whom shall I...

twin towers ground zero memorial Twin tower terrorism and the power of the cross
Twin Tower Terrorism and the Power of the Cross

Dr.Italy, in this 14 minute podcast with Anna Mitchell, remembers the tragedy of 9/11 and shows the connection between the horror of terrorism and the victory of the cross. September 11 is the anniversary of one of most brutal acts of terrorism of all time.  Three...

cup of suffering martyrs saints sts. cosmas & damian Augustine September 26
The Martyrs’ Cup of Suffering – Augustine

Augustine, reflecting on the death of the martyrs who did not shrink back from drinking the same cup of suffering that Christ himself drank. Read on September 26, the feast of Saints Cosmas and Damian,...


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