Mark’s Gospel

rich young man mark's gospel solomon wisdom 28th sunday ordinary b
The Rich Young Man and King Solomon

Both the Rich Young Man in Mark's Gospel and King Solomon had a very difficult choice to make. In a similar moment of decision, what would be the desire of your heart? Wisdom and adventure, or comfort and convenience? Where do true riches...

Deaf mute healing miracles ephphatha effata compassion 23rd Sunday Ordinary time B
Jesus’s Miracles – the Deaf Mute & Compassion

"Ephphatha!" The miracles of Jesus, particularly the story of Jesus' healing of the deaf - mute in the Gospel of Mark, raise a big questions -- did Jesus Christ truly work miracles and if so, was his motivation compassion or glory? For the 23rd Sunday...

Tradition Scripture 22nd Sunday Ordinary Time cycle b
Does Scripture bash Tradition?

What does the term Tradition really mean? Is it opposed to the Bible? The sola scriptura principle of the Protestant Reformation assumed it was -- here we examine this assumption in the light of a few key scriptures....

weary shepherd hungry sheep truth 16th Sunday Ordinary B leadership truth
Leadership in the Kingdom – Sheep & Shepherd

The story of the feeding of the 5,000 teaches us much about leadership in the Kingdom of God.  The King is a shepherd who puts the sheep's needs before his own, and feeds them with truth, the nourishment they need most....

Jesus Rejection Nazareth miracles could not do faith unbelief closes door 14th Sunday Ordinary B Tissot
Miracles Jesus Could not Do – lessons from Nazareth

The story about Jesus' disappointing reception in his hometown of Nazareth addresses a question asked by many - if God is omnipotent, can it be said that there are some miracles that he cannot perform?  The surprising answer tells us a lot about unbelief, faith,...