Via Dolorosa Tomb of Mary G candles chandeliers lights cave indoors inside via dolorosa good friday holy week land pilgrimage
Good Friday & the Via Dolorosa – Podcast

This 14 minute podcast features Anna Mitchell, host of the Sonrise Morning Show, interviewing Dr. Italy on what light his experience in the Holy Land can shed on the events of Good Friday on the Via Dolorosa and Calvary.On Good Friday, Christians remember the passion...

Catholic Holy Land Pilgrimage Tour Jerusalem Temple Dome of the Rock holy week thursday podcast pilgrimage
Holy Land, Holy Week, Holy Thursday – Podcast

The first 14 minute podcast of a series of three on the events of Holy Week as viewed from the experience of a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.  Anna Mitchell of the Sonrise Morning shows interviews theologian and Holy Land pilgrimage leader Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio on the...

Fatima & Camino Pilgrimage Cruise to Portugal & Spain – Podcast

Podcast discussing an amazing opportunity to celebrate the end of pandemic confinement - pilgrimage to Fatima & Compostela including a Spain/Portugal River Cruise.It's been a long time that travel and freedom have been restricted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  But restrictions are about to be...

cana church of first miracle wedding podcast
Cana, Best Wedding Venue Ever! – Podcast

7 minute Podcast describing the town of Cana in Galilee, site of the wedding feast of Cana.  A famous place of pilgrimage that celebrates marriage provides a memorable opportunity for the renewal of wedding vows.The most famous wedding feast of all time occurred in a...

basilica annunciation nazareth then and now
Nazareth Then and Now – Podcast

In this 7 minute podcast, excerpted from a national radio interview, Dr. Italy describes what the town of Nazareth was like in the time of Jesus and what it is like to visit it today on pilgrimage.Marcellino D'Ambrosio here discusses the implications of the incarnation. ...

Caesarea Maritima acquaduct Herod's Mediterranean jewel
Caesarea Maritima, Israel’s Coastal Jewel – Podcast

7 Minute Podcast in which Dr. Italy vividly describes Israel's coastal jewel, Caesarea Maritima or Caesar's town by the sea.  A place made famous by its builder, Herod the Great along with Pontius Pilate, St. Paul and early Church fathers Origen and Eusebius....

Crossing Sea of Galilee
Crossing the Sea of Galilee – Podcast

7 minute podcast excerpt from National Radio that helps us understand what the Sea of Galilee is like and puts into perspective the gospels stories of Jesus walking on the water and calming the storm.In this episode from the Sonrise Morning Show, Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Holy...

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