Catholic Holy Land Pilgrimage Tour Jerusalem Temple Dome of the Rock
Holy Land, Holy Week, Holy Thursday – Podcast

The first 14 minute podcast of a series of three on the events of Holy Week as viewed from the experience of a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.  Anna Mitchell of the Sonrise Morning shows interviews theologian and Holy Land pilgrimage leader Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio on the...

holyland alley holy land cloudy cross church crosses
Visiting the Tomb of Christ – Podcast

In this 14 minute podcast, Anna Mitchell of the Sonrise Morning Show interviews Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio about his numerous visits to the empty tomb of Jesus Christ in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The Gospel of John tells us that, after the body...

desert rock Heritage of Pilgrimage footsteps Jesus Holy Land
The Heritage of Pilgrimage – Podcast

Dr. Italy, in this 14 minute podcast, discusses the central and constant role pilgrimage has played in the heritage of God's people in the Holy Land since Abraham. On this episode of the Sonrise Morning show, Dr. Italy shares about the way pilgrimage has been a...

Immersion in Catholic Tradition – Holy Land Pilgrimage

[dropcaps type='normal' font_size='65' color='' background_color='' border_color='']W[/dropcaps]ant to learn a foreign language?  Everyone knows the best way is immersion.  Put yourself where that language is spoken, experience the culture of the people, and pick it up by osmosis. The same thing is true about the Catholic Tradition. ...

The Power of Pilgrimage

Salvation history is the story of a journey. Abram goes from civilization to the desert, Moses from the Pharaoh’s palace to a mountaintop. The people of Israel repeat Moses’ journey, and then are led through the desert to the Promised Land. All these journeys have a...

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